Overview of Our Services and Fees

Our most basic recovery product is our contingency fee based service.  We are compensated by keeping a percentage of what we collect.  Simply put, if we don't collect your money we don't get paid.

We have the ability to customize our recovery protocols to best suit your business.  We may tailor a series of letters, phone calls and legal options to reflect how aggressive or passive you would like us to be.

Fees range from 20% - 40% for "standard" collections, depending on the amount of business being submitted.  Fees for "legal" accounts range from 35% - 50%.  We treat every client and account with the professionalism they deserve, whether
submitting 1 or 1000 accounts.  Our clients range from large institutions to single practitioners.  

Unlike most collection attorneys, our attorneys will sue your debtors with balances as low as $200.